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Parvez Sharma

i am a storyteller:

noun | sto·ry·tell·er | ˈstȯr-ē-ˌte-lər /
| first known use: 1709 |

( e.g. apostate, filmmaker, published author, Guggenheim fellow ; Emmy nominee ; nice human and so much more ) | we are creating content across what we call exabyte geographies | we are in the business of demolishing walls | the future is non-linear; it is created by its audience and we offer the best expertise in immersive and volumetric content making! JOIN US! 

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| main-man parvez (hussein) sharma is an Emmy nominee, too many awards winning, globally lauded filmmaker, author and reluctant journalist. he created three world (historic) firsts, leading to unprecedented media, governmental, policy, academia attention and praise, part of a celebrated filmography |   parvez is also a Guggenheim fellow (2018) and celebrated author | ps: Only about 18,000 people in almost a century have this honor of a Guggenheim Fellowship; including august figures like Octavio Paz and Dorothea Lange |

| Getting honored (below) in that much-missed white house? by this human below, one of the planets most inspiring women (hard earned folks) ? the pics below are from may 19, 2013 |

| our main-man’s work is deemed so historic, that a great deal of it (9 languages, spanning 4 continents) is stored at the prestigious UCLA film and television archive, the planets largest | but the poor dude is in and out of rehab for his debilitating “game of thrones” and seltzer ( aka sparkling ) water addictions. which is why it is always better to email our hardest working-pixie-gnome, milos@parvezsharma.com

Work so historic, its been stored for posterity!

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