a visual biography

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watch this ? or this ? maybe this ? 🎬 our cinematic footprint is big 🎦 watch this ? or this ? parvez is a filmmaker (sometimes wordsmith) (*who loves photography) this visual bio comes from 📸  pics/footage and our stories; told and unspoken

a creature of habit, i own a decrepit but working (05?) EOS-5D Mark III with which (many think) i take good pics; since childhood; for me “frames” are everywhere I have never stepped into a place that cannot be placed in a good looking aspect ratio; every single thing can be an image . But as a  director+shooter, working very much in the present, its a privilege to be part of and understand the hyper fast forward motion of what I call cinema+social web 6.0! By 2020 this iPhone X 4k world will be ancient history! 

thank you instaworld for changing the game forever allowing us artists to share what we make in ways unimaginable ⬆️  💙 ‼️ 🎦

🎬 some of ourLight Bulb on Google Android 8.1are so #instagood they leave tiny lingers on history 

To avoid the awesome entertainment on offer here lets just do it elevator style.

Parvez Sharma is an Emmy nominated, usually notorious filmmaker. His Islam Trilogy has engaged almost 8 million minds. Now an agnostic Muslim he only bothers trying to make whatever he will, next. The work has had more awards than we can count and notably he became a Guggenheim Fellow as filmmaker in 2018. For Parvez you are only as good as your next work and thus he has gone all volumetric!

halal and haram films decided to go into the business of history making. The worlds first film on Islam and homosexuality followed by the worlds first film shot on a iPhone in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, with literal beheading possible. Even the latter, which was a bona-fide cinematic milestone now seems ancient‼️ thus from the ivy’s (e.g. harvard) to high-schools to the E.U. I speech-ify “ Our present state is of a marriage between web and cinema, both 6.0 and for me that means a billion potential filmmakers already; its a number that is going to explode hyper-exponentially by 2020. 4k will be redundant. Crew, equipment and audience are already in place circa 2018 is what haram films is saying visual storytellers‼️ 

whoa! the moment of netflix! behold! but this too shall pass, because a billion content creators want the content they create and they consume to be FREE; newer methods of fundraising people? (everything I say/ am quoted saying) are already here! haram films has been at 6.0 for a bit, where (if you meet us you find why and how) we are even past crowd-funding

the ayatollah khamenei apostate fatwa is so 2015. a few nations even made Parvez persona non grata, banning his work sometimes. Hate mail/ death threats = still received weekly. But I still get up every single day, back to what I love best = being behind a camera. the new york times called me a polite spy, to others I am fearless . My biggest fear? Forgetting how to make images like the two below where most of my life lies. behind cameras. Only magic; talent; patience; and what lies heretofore and the hands that behold the device. Only that can create the special light that peers and makes the bridge real in pic 2 = 2 frost bitten hours of waiting. pic 1? talent+dexterity

i realized i might be turning american not when i got citizenship (2 years ago) but when I actually started therapy 😂 ⁉️😂 thankfully my career and camera give me all the karma juice I need. most often my adopted hometown (NYC) is subject. 

ps, as I call myself grew up in strange circumstances! a small north-indian “hindu/muslim 50-50!” town (as we said!) just twenty minutes from the Islamic seminary that gave birth to the Taliban, while enrolled at a Catholic school called st. mary’s academy. sanskrit was a third language and P.E. was Yoga. He excelled at neither. adding to this unusual childhood was an early realization that he absorbed the world in images, aspect ratios and stories.

His childhood only got weirder; by 12 he had (inappropriately perhaps) speed-read his mother’s copy of “Gone with the Wind” and even gotten his hands on Christopher Isherwood’s, “Berlin Diaries”! By 13 he was precociously photographing “everything” with the previously mentioned pretty basic Vivitar camera his American cousins had gifted him. 

Parvez designed this website from scratch = the goal = every page should be super duper fun; we believe thats how people learn.  so do get in touch; all of you who want to work with us, talent agents, film folk, tv types, streamers, potential partners et all; we have two biggies in production and one in development

 We have opened at festivals from TIFF to Berlinale ; 33 TV stations in as many nations,; are streaming on amazon prime, netflix, itunes and more! Awards = too many to count! Talks = about 200. globally! Policy change = many with governments like the U.S. (Parvez spoke at both State and DHS during the Obama years) Here are some rare photos we just uncovered of filming Jihad, the worlds first ever film on Islam and homosexuality in 2005-2006 in Aleppo, Konya in Turkey, Cairo

Calling him a “renaissance man”, the Village Voice (and with different verbiage, Esquire magazine) had said “Sharma’s photographs are magnificent. The ones in NYC are mesmerizing, but he claims he is not seeking photography as a vocation” which parvez confirms. but the media + a few galleries have lauded his photography  ps: we will one day persevere to make all our pics a standard size ⁉️

(this closet photog loves messing around with his glass; chimping ; f-stops, shutter-speeds, apertures, aspect-ratios, and other ancient things, which morphed into him handling the cinematography for his own films, sometimes. But he also believes in “the smartphone global democracy”/ standard (controversial) in all his talks, “2.4 of 7.6 billion people on our planet are now filmmakers “

Always hyper-aware that he made the worlds first film in Mecca, Saudi Arabia undercover on an i-phone 4s; and a  proponent for what he calls an “already post-AR world” he does shoot sometimes on his iPhone 8 plus,(and he never ever uses filters); basically what he sees is what you get.

the 400 plus hours of Jihad footage from 12 nations and 9 languages is considered so “historic” that it has the honor of being stored for posterity at the uber-prestigious UCLA Film and TV archive