these are 3 of 13 “production stills”; the three above are  shot at 4 am in istanbul, filming a turkish trans millennial, while hiding, (pre-caitlyn), the photographer wishes to remain anonymous because of his own safety concerns. do remember a lot of our content is “illegal” and certainly banned in many countries; including turkey; this (almost) dictatorship.

parvez has stared death in the face to film; in dictatorships and theocracies; forbidden and underground and ninety five percent, alone/ crew-less. he never sought any government premissions, knowing it would never be granted: thus this lack of production stills!

parvez photos = endless ! below/above is propietary material. our copyright. used solely in our work/ on these pages and not to be downloaded

  • did you know all this about us: at haram and halal films we are a one-stop-shop; creating celebrated, award-winning, trailblazing, legacy docs; features; series; cinematography; writing (acclaimed film/ television/ streaming/ published authorship) In short: a well-established global brand. what can we do for you? the benefits are singular and fantastic. Our unprecedented media capital; historic firsts in our skill-sets , lauded brain trusts; as disruptors, we are allthingsfilmpreneurs, wordsmithpreneurs, photogpreneurs even! our snapshots are always ready “mr. demille”; parvez is a true ninja, from scratch. his understanding of this biz makes sure our tribe is yours. the happy knowledge-karma we bring your work is real, no fabrication. we are the folks who grow your flame. because of the brain-trust all over this page, we can help you, a lot.  just google;-)  and you shall find; a lot; true and false.
  • ps: i always knew, i was happiest behind cameras; photography is not my vocation but its an idée fixe that lead to being a filmmaker; june,2018 i realized my pics can live nonchalantly on instagram, a new bff and also our shutterbug page; ps/ my canon is ancient; iphone = new-ish. well, i did make the worlds doc, defying death in mecca, saudi arabia on an iphone 4s, didn’t i?
  • did you know that i started taking photos at age 13; when gifted a very basic “vivitar” from my american cousins and then i saved up for,  i have to admit “an old fashioned”dslr. i  lug my ancient; decrepit; 2005 mark III ⁉️ iPhone pics = are rare even though I made an entire film in saudi arabia on an iPhone. i am a nerd who fiddles with f-stops, shutter speeds, saturation, exposure etc; while dealing with AR+film❗etc. i am using the social web because all indy/artists need to?  
  • Soon after landing as “an alien with extraordinary abilities” in the United States, Parvez was one of several co-producers on a short-doc nominated for an International Emmy. Only in 2020 was he allowed to use the moniker, if he wished. He does.
  • This proves why the “content creation” world can be bizarr

  • did you know that following his career evolution closely since 2004, the New York Times infact has collectively said, “There is no doubting the courage and conviction of the New York documentarian Parvez Sharma…We emerge from (Sharma’s) films more enlightened… Nothing in his difficult processes — including the threats to himself — have destroyed Mr. Sharma’s faith in the ability of Islam to tolerate diversity.” And also said ”  Arranging to meet the filmmaker Parvez Sharma is a little like setting up an appointment with an extremely polite spy”. seven times (not writing about/ but being written about) in the worlds newspaper of record, must be doing something right, hopefully?
  • did you know parvez was named one of “50 visionaries changing your world” in a list by the dalai lama, shared a human rights award from amnesty international with the saudi ensaf haidar and has been lauded and an invited speaker at the e.u., u.n., ivy’s, the u.s. dept. of state and dept. of homeland security! he has been a speaker at about 200 events worldwide! from high schools, to madrassa’s to arabs in beirut/cairo etc.
  • parvez was labeled an “infidel” and could have faced lashes, been raped for years in a saudi prison or just beheaded, publicly.
  • i  believe that the bottom line (every film class i have ever taught); you are only as good as your next film; always, get up, start from scratch all over again; obviously ’tis not true for spielberg or herzog right? getting the guggenheim = chills, still 😉did you know that a big part of a jihad for love’s global journey is documented in detail on this ancient blogspot that began in 2007, but it teaches so much! and if you want to help us with it, could you, please folks? we really could use it; because we just don’t have the time!
  • did you know that an enormous amount of global media said things like we “were widely acclaimed, and a media sensation worldwide“;
  • in 2017, parvez sharma’s  first book “a sinner in mecca: a gay muslims hajj of defiance was published to raves (shares nothing with the film, other than title) it is a 100,000 plus words long: zero armchair theory
  •  iran’s ayatollah khamenei has called parvez “disgusting” and accused him of carrying out an “attack on islam“. since 2007, parvez has received 83,000 (hate-mail, fatwas, death threats combined)
  • did you know by 2050, india will have the worlds largest muslim population; and ireland, europe’s largest (even sooner)
  • did you know that “muhammad/mohamed” is the most common name for all NYC cab drivers?
  • did you know parvez always chats with them? (often records audio too)
  • did you know manhattan has the largest number of “halal carts in the world” and most people have no real idea what that means; or that majority muslims are cooking for them in those carts?